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  • About the brand - Arnold Palmer

    Brand Country: United States

    Brand founder: Mr. Arnold Palmer

    Brand created: 1955


    Arnold Palmer, a four-time US Masters winner, has attracted thousands of loyal fans to watch every time, and thousands of umbrellas are in full bloom and spectacular . So this red, yellow , white and green four-color umbrella brand marks the ARNOLD gallop course of the year's grand occasion, a model of the Americans and a miniature of the American dream.


    Arnold Palmer brand with pure quality , fine workmanship, simple design and fresh colors is fashionable around the world. Brand emphasizes the spirit of Arnold Palmer ----no fear of difficulties, the pursuit of excellence, the performance of self-personality, loved by people around.

  • About the brand - DISNEY

    Brand Country: United States

    Brand founder: Mr. Walt Disney

    Brand created: 1923


    The Walt Disney Company (Disney), is one of the world's largest entertainment and media companies, the world's most respected entertainment media company .


    Disney has the world's first entertainment and film and television brand (Disney), with film and television entertainment (the United States one of the largest film distributors), theme parks and resorts (the world's largest theme park group), media network (own the United States three broadcasting company-ABC, sports brand- ESPN), consumer goods (the world's largest children's consumer brands, the world's largest children's books group), and so on.


    Disney was founded in 1923 as Walt Disney and Roy Disney's Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Now Disney has become one of the world's largest entertainment companies and is committed to providing the most unique entertainment experience . And has been uphold the company's constant pursuit of quality and innovation of the fine tradition.


    As the early well-known animation image - Mickey Mouse is the most important image symbol of Walt Disney Company . 

  • About the brand - Roberta Di Camerino

    Brand Country: Italy

    Brand founder: Ms. Giulliana Camerino

    Brand created: 1946


    Roberta is the high quality brand founded in the 1940s by famous Italian designer -Mrs. Camerino, from now is more than sixty years ago. Its brand name originated in Foley Yasidiya starred in the musical "roberta "theme song , effected by the three famous Wei Neijia painting artists at the same time .


    Roberta di Camerino’s three primary colors, the red is gorgeous and publicity; the blue is low-key, elegant and the green is vitality and leisure, cleverly integrated into the Roberta di Camerino in the dinner party, business party, leisure and other different series of design . In its surface drawing ,Roberta di Camerino is the use of subversive eyes in the way, in the second space 3D visual effects, people have the illusion, an increase of brand interest and recognition, combined with the legendary elegant totem and the integration of clothing, the formation of Roberta di Camerino classic unique style.

  • About the brand - miffy

    Brand Country: Netherlands

    Brand founder: Dick. Mr. Dick Bruna

    Brand created: 1955


    Miffy 's image was born in 1955, Dick told his one-year-old son the story of the little white rabbit they had seen on the sand dunes . It’s the idea of miffy .

    The first picture book is calledMiffy at the seaside. Miffy was given a refreshing style, with some lines and one or two colors. In fact, it is reminiscent of ligne claire’s painting style .

    Each of the book contains 16 pages of stories, each page has an illustration and four sentences, these books published in a very small format. Dick wanted the young readers to know that the children's picture books were given to them, not to their parents, and he thought it was important.